Frontend-utvecklare till kund inom bank/finans

1 Jan, 2024 to 30 Jun, 2024
Stockholm (50% remote)

Vi söker en frontend-utvecklare till vår kund inom bank/finans enligt nedan uppdragsbeskrivning.

Needed Competence:

  • +2 years working as a developer (M)
  • Developing and maintaining applications built in Angular 2+ (M)
  • Setting up CI/CD and general knowledge regarding DevSecOps (M)
  • Knowledge in building microservices and microsites (M)
  • Experience in designing, developing and delivering completely new solution (M)
  • .Net core or later (S/C)
  • SQL databases (S/C)
  • Knowledge around Google Cloud Platform, AWS cloud (S)
  • Experienced in Azure Devops, Github Actions, Jenkins or similar tools (S)
  • Knowledge in GUI test automation (S)
  • Knowledge around Kafka, API, MQ, FTP (C)

Gradering av kompetensnivå

  • M= Must-Have
  • S= Should-Have
  • C= Could-Have
  • W= Wont-Have

Advantage if experience from the following:

  • Experience as fullstack developer (C)
  • Custody/Securities business domain (C)
  • Knowledge in UX-design (C)