1 Jun, 2023 to 31 Dec, 2023
Stockholm, Sverige

Vi söker för kunds räkning M3-konsulter för ett större uppdrag.

We are looking for competence within different streams in M3

Each stream is handling incoming support tickets and changes. We are aiming to work Agile. In each of the stream we need the following competences:

  • Solution Architect
  • Technical Architect
  • Application/Solution specialist who actually does the changes, Functional (config, setup, solution) instructs developer, Developer (MEK, MAK, IDM/Streamserve, Infor OS

The streams are as follows:

  • Quote to cash
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply chain/logistics
  • Maintenance
  • Finance

The roles that we looking for to start with is;

  • Solution architect expert Finance (see JD Solution architect attached)
  • Solution architect expert Manufacturing (see JD Solution architect attached)
  • Technical Architect expert Infor OS (see JD attached, general one)
  • Functional specialist expert Finance (reports, medius etc) Beneficial if this person is expert in Indian finance /taxes /regulations/legal requirements. But I can start with a general Functional expert for Finance also
  • Functional specialist expert Manufacturing Supply chain
  • Developer (MEK, MAK, IDM/Streamserve, Infor OS