Mobile app developer - UX/UI

1 Jul, 2023 to 31 Dec, 2023

Our client is currently looking for a Mobile app developer - UI/UX/Accessibility. 

Period: 2023-07-01 -- 2023-12-31

Portfolio: Prerequisite to have a well developed portfolio to show.


The profile will belong to a team of 2-3 developers focusing on Developer Experience (DX) - and DevOps - for our clients React Native mobile app. This team is dedicated to helping scale up the project, introduce new technologies and amortize the technical debt.

Responsibilities such as

·         UI Component Library

·         CI/CD Pipelines

·         Developer Tools (CLI tools, scripts, etc)

·         Coordination of framework upgrades

·         Conduct prototype experiments of new technology

·         Refactoring and upgrading of existing functionality with the same requirements and more

The team will now be expanded with another developer profile with a focus on UI/UX/Accessibility to strengthen the collaboration between design and development. Tasks will be about things like:

·         Taking responsibility for the entirety of the UI development on the mobile app side

·         Further development of the embryo into our UI component library

·         Develop developer guidelines for UI/UX & Accessibility for developers and train developers on the subject

·         Participate in UI/UX/Accessibility workshops to support requirements, tests and other parts of product development


·         Worked with TypeScript

·         Worked with React or React Native

·         Worked with the version control tool git

·         Worked with UI component libraries

·         Knowledge of WCAG (2.1) and its levels


·         Native mobile app development (iOS/Android)

·         Worked with UI Design

·         Worked on multi-language support including Right-to-left languages like Hebrew, Arabic, etc.


·         Creative problem solver - able to attack unique problems where there is no clear solution in sight from the start

·         Driven and self-propelled

·         Curious and inquisitive with broad knowledge, knows a little about a lot rather than a lot about specific areas

·         Humble

·         Social & communicative

·         Likes to have fun at work


In case of a potential candidate, please email me the desired rate, available, what requirements the consultant fulfills and english cv.