Tech lead

1 Oct, 2022 to 31 Mar, 2023

Role description:

Teach lead:

* Is a professional who oversees a team of technical personnel and is responsible for the technical operations in the specific team.

* Who has a deep understanding of technology, but should also be personable and capable enough to effectively lead a team and collaborate with others 

* That will provide strategic technical guidance to proactively improve performance, reliability, security and cost-effectiveness of customers’ solutions using industry best practices in order to contribute to business growth

Key areas of responsibilities:

* Quality Assurance

* Provide Architectural and Design direction

* Control Technical Debt

* Ensure Review Healthiness

* Promote Collaboration and Engagement

* Ship Good Quality Fast

* Hire and train technical personnel

* Delegate work and assignements to team members

* Collaborate with their team to identify and fix techincal problems

* Analyze users need and then find solutions to serve

* Create end goals for their team

* Check that software and applications are updated

* Supervise system modifications

* Conduct security audits to identify areas of improvement

* Guidance their team through techincal issues and challenges


* Conduct detailed assesments to make the right deicsions

* Team building

* Track progress

Developed deliveries

* Code reviews

* Techincal capacity planning


* Number of mismatches

* Number of issues

* Percent of improvement

* Test coverage

* Number of technical debts

* Deployment frequency

* Bug detection rate


* Bachelor degree within system development and infrastructure development or similair

* Pursue necessary certifcations

* Develop essential skills,

* Gain profissonal experience

* 3 years experience of project management

* Certified as assosiate project manager

* Strong techinical capabilities

* Leadership, impressive leadership skills

* Strong communicative skills

* Experience from ways of working with contiuous delivery