Backend Scala Developer

Looking for a senior backend consultant with experience of Scala, AWS and databases

Great if there is experience of setting things up in AWS and AWS operations

Working on right now:

Building our new services based on the ZIO ecosystem using Scala 3

Preparing for scaling up for an increasing amount of users

Building new leaderboards

Coordinating data streams from different db’s into a report

API:s, integrations with other teams and 3rd party products


We are looking for a Scala Developer to join our Mobile App team. The team is responsible for developing new features and maintaining our app with a growing user base all over the world. You will contribute to the expansion of the community that will be at the core of our new product offering.


Scala | AWS


Join the revolution and experience all over the world.

Create new features and functionality to create a truly global community of players.

Collaborate with other like-minded developers, on a mission to create the most engaging experience in the market.

Contribute to the full life-cycle of the product, from idea to implementation and support post-release.

Enjoy our ”Live with the product” sessions where we try the latest improvements

Work with the latest within Scala and with library ZIO

Contribute to the infrastructure as code

Big degree of impact on code, technology and product

Handle a large amount of data that comes in 24/7.


Proficient skills in Scala or deep knowledge of Java and willingness to learn Scala

Familiarized yourself with Redis or similar in-memory data structure store technologies

Worked with cloud-based software and AWS products

Handled large amounts of data


Test-driven development (TDD)

Large scale systems

Experience delivering mobile apps and working on a multidisciplinary team

Infrastructure as code