Transformation Lead / Modern Master Data Expert

Stockholm, Sverige


We are looking for a resource to support strategically for the division’s embryo to data unit, where we, in line with the company’s ambition to accelerate the journey towards a more modern processing of data, will bring in an external assignment that assist in the assessment of relevant alternatives and focus.

The scope will regard, but is not limited to, questions such as what the overall data setup should look like. It

will encompass whether we should continue the monolithic conversion from data warehouse to data lake,

or if we profit from taking on the bolder turnaround to a distributed data mesh with decentralized

stewardship etc.

It will involve if we are to continue with an integration platform in the form of an old case

management system, or if we should go all-in on a truer api-first strategy with a more premium iPaaS that

connects all our entities in the cloud. Etc. etc.

As a solution, we are inviting an external expert with cutting-edge knowledge within the field, with the task

of mapping the modern alternatives, and in relation to our new digital development strategy (to-be), and

partly in relation to existing data setup (as-is), specify pros and cons with respective alternatives in relation

to strategy and budget.

Given a successful iteration of the above, we would like to see a prolongation in terms of specification

about how the chosen alternative should be set up appropriately.


• Premium expertise in master data setups in general, and within a modern approach for master data

setups in particular.

• Deep competence in modern architectural setup for data.

• 100% agnostic as regards tech in general and master data platform in particular.

• Ability to understand modern digital strategy and translate it into a technical context.

• Reasonable analytical ability, and talent to predict strategic consequences in various contexts

tomorrow depending on different setups carried out today.

• Good ability to move quickly between hi-level strategies and granular tech setups, and all the way back


• Good communication skills with English as the main language, as well as the capability to explain

complex processes in a pedagogical way.

• A not necessary but highly appreciated, bonus, is experience in mentoring internal architects in the

most modern mindsets.

• Reasonable talent in project management using agile methods, structure, and meeting deadlines.