Enterprise and Solution Architect with background from Manufacturing Industry.

25 Mar, 2024 to 28 Jun, 2024
Solna (Onsite)

For our client we are looking for an experienced AE and Solution Architect will Manufactoring background.

Scope and range:

• 50-100% FTE needed during the period Mar 2024 – Jun 2024 (with good chances for longer time period and larger scope over time).

Location and Mobility:

• Be situated in the Stockholm area

• Necessary to participate in a considerable number of live workshops in Stockholm (Solna).

• Some workshops might also be held at different mills in Europe.

Skills and experience required:

Experience from manufacturing industry:

• Experience from designing solutions in terms of processes, information flows and applications, in manufacturing and/or process industry.

• Good understanding about the processes and concepts within supply chain, procurement and operations within manufacturing and/or process industries.

• Not a business expert, but experience from at least one significant project within Manufacturing and/or Process industry is needed.

• Experience from manufacturing industry a must, experience from process industry or paper and pulp an extra plus

Personal skills:

• Be able to plan and lead the work independently but still be a team player

• Be pedagogic and able to visualize current and future state

• Be able to communicate with people within business and IT


• Ability to understand and describe processes, information, systems, and information flows.

• Ability to understand architecture on EA level as well as solution level.

• Ability to detect and describe key solution options and their key consequences for decision makers.

• Ability to communicate all of the above with different resources and roles, technical staff as well as business staff.

• At least 5 years’ experience in all the above.

Key responsibilities of this role:

• Lead the work on shaping and designing the solution architecture, in terms of processes, information and applications, for EUDR , and to ensure that it is in line with regulation requirements and customers strategy and enterprise level target architecture.

• To ensure that the first solution created in the project to meet the first deadline adheres to target. Document any deviations to the target and recommend a way forward, a roadmap to reach the future target.

• Lead the work on refining and ensuring the facts regarding current processes and solutions in scope for EUDR . Assist in planning and then executing changes to current solution for processes and solutions in scope for EUDR.

• Evaluation of standard solutions and decide if and how they could fit in the overall solution for EUDR.

• Not be the technical architect but be the link to

o development resources within the organization for internal systems and vendors for external systems,

o and to technical architects catering for integration and infrastructure

• Detect and manage any relations to other domains, transformations or ongoing projects. These will need to be resolved in collaboration with business staff and IT staff representing the other domains, transformations and projects.